Sky Rainbow School


Format: Group lessons
Fees: baby tennis (age 3-5) - 8 lessons - 15.000 tg
Age: age 3-10
Invite children age 3-10
Give your child the best start
Lesson 2-3 times per week
Rainbow Sport specializes in teaching tennis to young beginners starting at the age of 3. Our qualified coaches work closely with Kazakhstan Tennis Federation.Rainbow Sport club focused on quality teaching, skill development and personal attention to the needs of every child enrolled into the program.
Why Tennis?
  • Tennis is easy
  •  when coaches use the slower Red, Orange and Green ballsTennis is fun
  • when starter players serve, rally and score from the first lessonTennis competition is fun
  • formats & scoring systems exist to suit all lifestylesTennis is healthy
  • when players serve, rally and score; research supports thisTennis is a sport for all
  • everyone who can serve, rally and score should have a rating
Why is good for my child?
  • Developing confidenceHigh self - esteem through physical competence
  • Develop coordination skillsDevelop speed, flexibility
  • DisciplineAnd many other good things It’s a good opportunity for kids start to play tennis from youngest age.
Schedule:Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 5:00 - 6:00pm or 6:00 - 7:00pm
Call: +7 707 998 51 06
baby tennis (age 3-5) - 8 lessons - 15.000 tg
red ball (age 6-8) - 8 lessons - 20.000 tg
junior (age 8-12) - 8 lessons - 25.000 tg

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